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The Outset Foundation

The Outset Foundation is an independent UK charity dedicated to supporting self-employment and skills development across the UK, with a particular focus on helping people that may be struggling to find traditional employment. It was officially registered with the UK Charity Commission in June 2014 under registered charity number 1157488.

The Foundation is particularly focussed on enabling the continuation and expansion of award-winning Outset services around the UK, delivered in person in local communities. Every £1million raised by the Foundation is eligible to be doubled by European funds and will support the creation of thousands of sustainable new businesses and jobs around the country.

It fundraises from big companies, private donors, entrepreneurs and other charities, and uses the money to support Outset start-up operations across the UK.

The Outset Foundation is overseen by a board of trustees including Tim Jones, Rodney Baker-Bates, Hugh Parnell and Naomi Sadler-Bridge. Visit The Outset Foundation website to find our more about its aims or to make a donation.

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