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Is enterprise for me?

Right now, with competition for every employment vacancy at record levels, it’s a good time to think about whether you could give yourself a job. Business, self-employment, enterprise – whatever its name, it adds up to the same thing…taking control of your life and creating your own future.

Heard it all before? Yep, so have we! We don’t have magic wands or magic words, but what we do have is common sense, lots of real first-hand experience, bags of enthusiasm, an unrelenting belief in people’s potential, and a really different approach to making stuff happen with people! We’ve worked hard to capture all this within our online learning tool, Outset Online, which you can buy for just £85+VAT.

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But before you get started, ask yourself three key questions:

Could you?

Think about your existing and transferable skills, experience, strengths, passions, and interests: these are all the ingredients you have available to you for making a business. We also recommend you think about what barriers might be standing in your way, and how you can overcome them. Then think about this in relation to your business idea and ask yourself…
could I start a business?

Would you?

Have you got what it takes? Can you learn the skills? And would you enjoy it? There are a lot of myths about ‘entrepreneurs’ and before getting started, it’s important you think these through so you know what you’re getting into. It’s also essential to start thinking through how ready you are personally and whether you’re really prepared to commit, asking yourself…
would I start a business?

Should you?

OK, so you’ve got an idea, and you know what it takes, but will it work? How much income do you need to generate? How do you work out the finances? Who will your customers and competitors be? And what other market research would you need to do before you hit go? Once you’ve figured this stuff out, you should be able to answer the question…
should I start a business?

When you started reading this you wanted to change where you are now in your life but you didn’t know where to start. Good news…you’ve already started! Taking the first step is always the hardest part of any journey, so take a deep breath and take the next one and then follow the link below to find out how we can help you work through all of these questions (and much more!) in our online learning programme,
Outset Online.

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